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Life Lately- Summer 2017

June 27, 2017

I’ve been taking the book I read a couple of months ago literally.

Present Over Perfect made quite an impact on me and living out the stuff that had such a profound impact is even better.

This summer has been about taking it easy, not having a ton of plans, going with the flow, and enjoying all of the above.I am beyond grateful that I work part-time and therefore have a fair amount of time in the week to devote to Hudson and our home-life. While going from a full-time trainer to a part-time trainer is totally a financial sacrifice, the happiness I feel from getting to spend time Momming with Hudson is priceless. 

This is generally how our week unfolds:


  • Hudson goes to preschool while Mark and I work.
  • I pick him up in the early afternoon and we head home to play and snack.
  • On Monday evenings, Mark comes home from work to play and hang with Hudson and I head off to a workout.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are 1 of my 2 get-stuff-done days.

  • Tuesday mornings are spent doing laundry, cleaning, and food prepping. Hudson LOVES to be involved and is my sidekick with anything that involves vacuuming, wiping, putting shoes away, or putting containers in cabinets. He is extremely task oriented and I’m thoroughly enjoying the extra pair of little hands to do the little things! 
  • Tuesday afternoons are spent whatever comes our way: playing in the sprinkler, swimming in our in-laws pool, taking walks around the neighborhood, dance parties.
  • Tuesday evenings revolve around me working and Mark handling the Hudson/dinner/bedtime tasks

Wednesday: I purposely schedule NOTHING on Wednesdays. Generally we rest and remain low-key. Sometimes we go to story-time at the library, have playdates, visit a grandparent or two, or go to lunch with Mark. It’s my absolute favorite day of the week. I worry about nothing but having fun with Hudson!Thursday:

  • Thursday mornings: I try to come up with some sort of fun activity to do. Lately, we’ve been working on swimming. We’ve done sidewalk chalk murals, made play dough, gone to the beach to collect shells (he loved doing this!), and visited the Alligator Farm.
  • Thursday afternoons: we rest and play at home.
  • Thursday evenings revolve around me working while Mark handles Hudson/dinner/bedtime tasks. 

Friday: Day 2 of my 2 get-stuff done days. Hudson goes to preschool on Fridays and therefore I do all the things that are easier to get done without a little guy on my heels.

  • On Friday mornings I work at the gym then head home or wherever to tackle a big to-do list.
  • Mark and I usually try to squeeze some sort of day-date into the day too. Lunch together, or a walk, or a devotion.
  • Friday evenings are a family dinner and a fun treat–homemade banana ice-cream is the new favorite. 

Saturdays & Sundays are spent as a family. We play hard and rest hard.

Things we’re looking forward to:

  •  a couple of fun trips to Costa Rica and the Florida Keys to round out the rest of the summer
  • Hudson’s 2nd birthday
  • the arrival of cousin #2
  • a fun home renovation

Cheers to summertime!



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