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Mid-Year Goal Check-In (AND Some Updates You Will Want to Know!)

July 28, 2014

Hey, guess what?! It’s almost August. You probably already know that because you are on top of things. I’m in amazement that this year is flying by so fast!

Although it’s the end of July (…so it’s a little more than half way through the year…), I do like to check-in with my goals and make sure I’m on track  with progressing my goals, or if they’ve changed, that I make updates!

(Check out the bottom of this post for some updates that you’re going to want to know about!)



  1. Mark and I attend Paleof(x) in Austin, TX in April 2014 Done and done!
    1. We save $600 for event tickets by January 30, 2014
    2. We save an additional $400 for flights by February 28, 2014
    3. We save an additional $1,100 for remaining trip costs by April 10, 2014
  2. Mark and I jet off on a “dream trip” for our 5th anniversary in November 2014 We’re building our dream house instead!
  3. Starting in May 2014, we will save $xxx per month to go toward all costs of the trip
  4. Mark and I donate/tithe at least 10% of our monthly income to church and charity (every single month– not just when we feel like it!) I’m so excited to say we’re genuinely loving doing this every month!
  5. Mark and I have at least 1 date night every month of 2014 So far, so good!


  1. I complete a daily devotional 6 days/week in 2014 I got off track with this for a bit, but now I’m back on it!
  2. Mark and I attend a church service once per month Sigh…we haven’t done this, not because we don’t want to, but we just can’t find a church home. It’s really frustrating.
  3. Watch Journey of Faith sermons all remaining Sundays Between Journey of Faith (our California church) and Church of Eleven22 ( in Jacksonville), we’ve gotten more out of sermons than we have in a long time. We have a little routine where we make a big breakfast, watch the sermon, then talk about it. It has become one of the things I most look forward to every week.


  1. I attend 1 yoga class at least every other week for the entirety of 2014 Another sigh…the yoga teacher I LOVED moved across the country. Also, the only 2 yoga classes I really, really enjoy, about 648 other people also really, really enjoy. This means that unless I’m willing to get to the studio about 30 minutes early, there is absolutely no space in the class. I haven’t been in about a month but I really miss it so it won’t be long before I’m back in the swing of things.
  2. I attend at least 3 Fit Camp classes per week for the entirety of 2014 So far, on par!
  3. I do at least 20 minutes of movement every day for the entirety of 2014 (anything that gets the blood flowing!) Although I don’t have a way of checking this off every day, I can, with very strong certainty, say that I easily achieve this so far.
  4. I visually develop 2 lower abs through 90% clean eating They haven’t made an appearance yet…but just you wait!


  1. I make at least $xxxx per month as a trainer by December 2014 I am, for the most part, meeting my goal!
  2. I implement a totally original, successful, new class into GO HQ by December 2014 I’d say my nutrition program counts! A new one is starting soon, by the way! Let me know if you want more info!
  3. I have at least xxx views on every blog post I publish by December 2014 I haven’t hit the mark on this one yet, but I’m close
    1. Better SEO optimization
    2. Making better use of social media platforms to promote blog posts
    3. Writing new, relevant posts– don’t write just for the sake of writing!

UPDATES on life and upcoming stuff on The Funky Fork:

  • I can not spill all the details today, but I’m soon going to be rolling out are some cool, new things (like a *free* nutrition-focused weight loss program for blog subscribers, say what??!!) here on the blog and at GO HQ (anybody hungry for “healthier” treats??!)!
  • I’ve got a REALLY fun on-location video, interview, and hang-out session coming up with a local, healthy business-owning couple that you are going to LOVE!
  • Get ready to win some swag…I’m working with a few of the companies and people who I’m teamed up with over this past year and a half to put together some awesome giveaways!
  • The Funky Fork will be getting a little nip and tuck soon…stay tuned for a new look! (It’s about time!) Yay!


Have an absolutely fabulous day, my friends!



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