Motivation, Sunday Treats

Monday Motivation With a Side of M&M Sugar Cookies

December 16, 2013

Oh hey! Happy week before Christmas!! 

We’re finally starting to wrap our gifts and throw some things in pretty bags…so our tree doesn’t look quite as naked…I know it doesn’t look like much, but after I took this picture, I wrapped about 3 more gifts…then the tree actually looked legit.

christmas tree with gifts

Speaking of Christmas, if you’re looking for some grain-free cookies to leave out for Santa, these are by far the easiest ones out there! I made a huge batch of these sugar cookies (as my weekly Sunday Treat!) to share with my office and to surprise some un-expecting friends around town. 😉

motivation: M&M cookies

motivation: M&M cookies

While we’re on the topic of cookies, I wanted to talk a little motivation today. (Just kidding…the cookies have nothing to do with it…) Mostly I want to talk about the obstacles that stand in our way of fulfilling goals, task, or even the workday.

Obstacles are either real or perceived. The real obstacles are actually the easy ones to deal with: not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy, etc. The perceived obstacles are the tough ones to wrap our minds around and deal with. These are obstacles like: past experience influencing our present, fear, willpower, the feeling of not being good enough or deserving enough. 

So I think, when trying to achieve something, or again, just try to make it through the day in a positive, productive way, sometimes we have to get out of our own ways. I tend to explain myself using examples, so here’s what I’m trying to say:

Let’s say I want to jog/walk for 2 miles every day for 30 days. I know going into it that my own biggest inhibitor of success in this example would be me constantly telling myself that this is a hefty task and that I will probably have things come up that prevent me from walking or jogging every one of the 30 days (a perceived obstacle!). Before I even start, I’m giving myself excuses to fail

On the flip side, a real obstacle would be an injury. What if I sprained my ankle at Fit Camp and genuinely had a tough time following through on my 30 days of walking/jogging? This is something that I could work around. Perhaps I simply postponed my 30 days of jogging/walking until my ankle was healed? Or maybe I change it to another challenge– something like doing 25 push ups every day for 30 days?!

My point in all of this is: don’t set yourself up for failure because of lies or negativity that you’re building up in your own mind. Whether it’s a goal, a challenge, or the work day– own it! Becoming self-aware of your obstacles is incredibly empowering. Being able to consciously flip off the negative self-talk and flip on the “can do” attitude is a crucial aspect of true success–in all areas of life!

And on that note, have a successful, merry Monday! 




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