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My 4 Favorite Healthy Lifestyle Apps

May 15, 2013


I posted my first of many What’s Beautiful goal practice videos last night: Watch me!

Here were some fun pictures from my pull up practice expedition, as well:

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Ok…so I’m super old school. I like to read books with pages and a cover (not that whole Kindle thing). I like watching re-runs of Boy Meets World. I actually write checks. I have a CD player in my car with a CD in it. I prefer getting physical prints of my pictures made over having digital copies…you get the picture (no pun intended- hehe :D). Well, Mark is the exact opposite. Anything new and innovative, (especially if it’s Apple-related) he’s STOKED about. Needless to say, Mark is slowly luring me into the 21st century. One of the things that I’m most proud of being technologically advanced about, though, are my iPhone apps. I have come to find real use in apps and there are some pretty creative ones out there. Here are my 4 favorite (FREE!!!) apps in no particular order:

#4) Lift: Track your daily goals (or in my case, habits) and get encouragement from friends.

appsI love this app because I constantly try to remember little things in my life that I want to make an everyday habit. Lift has been the only thing that has helped me follow through with these items on a daily basis.

Currently on my Lift list are:

-Make the bed

-Read Bible/Pray

-Write a blog post

-List 3 things that I’m grateful for

…I’ve actually done pretty well making sure that I do all 4 items everyday! Thanks Lift!

#3) Om Finder: Now, thanks to lululemon athletica, wherever you are, you can find a yoga studio!


Maybe you’re looking for a different studio to try in town? Maybe you’re traveling but itching to take a quick class within walking distance from your hotel? This is the perfect app for that!

#2) Zipongo: This app syncs with your location to find local grocery deals in your area. It also allows you make meal plans and grocery lists based on different recipes and personal preferences.


I always, always, always check this app before heading to the grocery store. It’s the only resource that I’ve ever found that let’s me know when produce and natural products are on sale! I love it! I also love their recipes…lots of great stuff!

#1) WellnessFX: These are the folks that I just did blood testing with. Here’s the exact description of their app from the website:


The app allows you to:

  • Develop and track new healthy habits related to exercise, diet, supplements and sleep
  • Take notes for your personal records
  • Stay on track with custom reminders

I have used this app numerous times to research supplements as well as learn about conditions that can be “helped” by the use of supplements. It’s really nifty!

See, aren’t you proud of me? I actually use these apps. I really love them!

Let me know of any amazingly awesome apps that you use! I love trying out new ones!


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