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My Friday Night: Goats and Fajitas

April 27, 2013

I grew up “in the country.” We had tractors, chickens, goats, dogs, a barn, a pond, a big ‘ole garden, and acres and acres to run around on (and mow!). We ate fresh eggs-still warm from just being laid, broccoli, green beans, squash, tomatoes, and blueberries straight out of the garden. As long as it grew in the hot Florida climate and sandy dirt, my parents planted it.

As a teenager, I thought it was soooooo annoying that we lived far from my friends, the places my friends wanted to hang out, and basically anything exciting. Now, I dream of being able to buy a house with a yard big enough for a garden and chickens. (It’s actually one of our goals to do this next summer…more to come on that!) Mark and I now live at the beach, which is close to everything we could ever need or want to do…and, of course, now I wish we weren’t surrounded by so many people and businesses. Life is funny, isn’t it?

Last night, Mark and I headed out to my childhood home, where my parents still live.

My family recently adopted 11 week old goats. Here’s a fun fact: they’re a 50/50 mix breed of a meat and milk goat known as Kiko goats. (My family won’t be eating or milking them though!) They were cute and very playful . They make the funniest little noises too. We hung out with the young goats for a bit as well as the older goats that my family have had for about 9 or 10 years now:

This is Riley (on the left) and Lobow (pronounced "Low-Bow--as in "I took a bow at the end of my performance")

This is Riley (on the left) and Lobow (pronounced “Low-Bow–as in “I took a bow at the end of my performance”)


The 2 older goats, Jimmy and Ed

The 2 older goats, Jimmy and Ed

Ed is silly

Ed is silly

My mom loves our goats :)

My mom loves our goats 🙂

The chickens were very interested in what we were doing with the goats…




After hanging with the animals, we headed inside and I cooked dinner. I was so focused on the meal that I didn’t even take pictures.

Mark and I had marinated sliced onions, green, red, yellow, and orange peppers along with 2 lbs. of flank steak the night before so I pressure-cooked the flank steak then tossed the peppers in a pan on the stove top. Waaa laaa….fajitas. We topped the steak and peppers with crumbled queso and salsa. It really hit the spot for my mexican craving!

After dinner, Mark and my brother video gamed it up while my parents and I watched an episode of The Americans.

Eventually, we headed back to our place and called it a night.

That means today is SATURDAY! I’m crossing off to-do list items right and left and going outside for a sweaty, fun workout…more later!











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