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August 5, 2013

Well, it’s Monday! Happy beginning of the week!

I hope your weekend was as amazing as mine!

If you know me and/or Mark well, you know that Mark loooooves new technology. Computers, phones, iPads–it doesn’t matter. He loves it all. The only thing that he is picky about is that it’s made by Apple. Yeah, we’re those people. He is famous at our house for saying, and I quote, “the best smell in the world is the smell of a new _______ (computer, phone, etc) when you pull it out of the box.”

Why am I rambling on about this? Well, long story short, Mark is going to be getting a new laptop soon, and since mine is getting slower and slower by the week, I’m going to be taking over his old laptop. Everything he has is top of the line and in mint condish (ew, it’s weird that I just said “condish”) so it’s basically like I’m getting a new computer–naturally I’m totally pumped. Except that my whole life is on my current laptop. So, as I was going through old Word docs, downloads, and files, I came across a little gem.

It’s a list I wrote my senior year in college. I was really, really unsure of what I was going to be doing once I graduated. I had no plan (which is super odd for me) and really nothing that I was excited about doing at the time (although I did really love my job at lululemon!). I was just sort of in a lull. Since I like looking forward to things, I came up with a bucket list of sorts. I remember writing it though, with the intention of truly doing everything on the list, so nothing on it is too outrageous, more just my hopes and dreams over my lifetime.

Amy’s Life To-Do List:

1. Own my own home <— Summer 2014!!

2. Buy amazing furniture to put in my own home

3. Adopt a dog

4. Live it up in Europe- no backpacking!

5. Work in a job where the only thing that matters is that I love it <— I’m on my way to doing this!!

6. Hike a volcano in Hawaii

7. Attend an Ellen DeGeneres show

8. Learn to like all vegetables

9. See the Full House house in person

10. Get married to a sweet (and handsome) man (November 2009)

11. Be a mom

12.  Go skinny dipping

13. Own a vacation home

14.  Befriend a celebrity

15.  Walk into lululemon and buy anything I want, without looking at the price

16.  Do 3 out-of-the-ordinary random acts of kindness in one day

17.  Take my grandkids on bike rides and teach them to play soccer

18. Stand up to someone when I know they’re wrong (often)

19. Grow my own vegetables (after I learn to like them)

20. Have really long hair again

21. Be able to fully pay for my children’s college tuitions

22. Run a 5k in under 25 minutes (I ran a 5k in 25 minutes flat and no longer have any motivation to run faster than that)

23. Learn to “drift” a car into a parking spot

24. Play the flute again

25. Have a 6 pack of abs

26. Teach dance classes

27. Make sure my future husband and kids know that I love them everyday (I tell him every day!)

28. Spend a whole summer “on vacation”

29. Lay my own wood floors

30. Visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem

31. Visit the first Starbucks

32.  Anonymously give a large amount of $$ to my church

33. Fly in first class (I flew first class on the way back from a family trip to Costa Rica in Summer 2009)

34. Save someone’s life

35. Explore Canada

36. Stick to a budget for more than 2 months (accomplished this all of 2013)

37. Snorkel a reef (Summers 2012 and 2013 in the Bahamas)

38. Rock a designer gown

39. Buy a year-long massage membership (and get monthly massages)

40. Read my Bible every day

41. Get all of my Christmas shipping done on Black Friday

42. Grow sunflowers

43. Visit New York City (December 2012)

44. Take a missions trip

45. Donate my car to someone who needs it

46. Be on a morning show (While in NYC for a day for work, I happened to stumble upon a live taping of Good Morning America and was in the background of the shot for the entire segment! Mark saw me on TV!)

47. Write a book

48.  Explore the Florida Keys

49.  Ride an elephant

50.  Take a hot air balloon ride

I think that I’ll eventually add some more things, but as I read this, I couldn’t help but smile. If I truly accomplish everything on this list, how cool would that be?! I can’t wait to cross off some more!



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