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My WellnessFX Results!

May 14, 2013

So, I went to have my blood drawn on Friday of last week. They must know that I’m a bit impatient because I couldn’t believe that I received an email the next morning saying that my results were in! It was only a 24 hour turn-around! I love this company!

For the sake of full disclosure, I am sharing my lab results with you…

The results are broken down into 3 parts: Cardiovascular Health, Metabolic, and Blood.

The Cardiovascular Health section measured my cholesterol, HDL & LDL levels, and the amount of triglycerides in my blood:


When I initially looked at these results, I had no idea what vLDL-C was. WellnessFX guessed that I (along with most people) would not know what this was, so they gave a little description of  vLDL-C (I loved that they did this!):


Another thing that I loved about the results is that a range was given for each measurement of what’s generally considered high and what’s generally considered low for each biomarker:

Here’s an example for HDL:


The Metabolic section focused on insulin and thyroid hormone measurements:


And the Blood results focused on the breakdown of red and white blood cells and different biomarkers associated with each:



My MCHC levels are “in the red” as you can see above. Basically, the MCHC measures the concentration of hemoglobin (protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen) in my blood and mine is a little low. The average amount is 32 g/dL and mine is at 31.6 g/dL…since it’s nothing dire, but I did want to help the situation, I started taking a high-quality, low-lose iron supplement every day.

Another reason that I love WellnessFX is that they offer the option to have a phone consult with a physician (or non-physician such as a registered dietician) to discuss your results and/or to advise you on how to improve your health in order to better your test results and well-being. These consultations range in price from $70-$140 (depending on how long of a consultation you want) and are a powerful tool in understanding how to go forward based on your results.

I can honestly say that I have loved every step of the WellnessFX program. They are more than helpful if you are curious about where your health stands or if you want more information than a general doctor visit offers you, they are quick with results, and their website is beautiful and very easy to navigate. I highly recommend them to everyone!

As I mentioned on Friday, you can currently sign up for a free “Checkup” blood test (that’s what I did!). Along with a free “Checkup”, if you click the link below, you will receive a $10 credit (which means that a future follow-up test only costs you $15–that’s amazing considering 1 blood panel test through my doctor’s office cost $150!)

Click here for a FREE “Checkup” blood test and a $10 credit!

…now I can finally prove to everyone that eating bacon, eggs, eggs cooked in bacon grease, red grass-fed meats, lots of coconut & MCT oil, and avocado DO NOT cause high cholesterol! I eat a ton of the items that I just listed but I ALWAYS make sure that they are from organic and/or grass-fed sources along with making sure that I do not consume high carbohydrate foods along with them. (For example, I don’t eat toast with my eggs and bacon.) Based on my lab results, eating (good) fat is a-ok with me!

I practiced the pull-ups part of my goal in the What’s Beautiful competition this weekend. I am in the process of editing the video that my husband made of me doing them and will post it shortly! Thanks for all the support and kind words that I am constantly receiving!! It means the world to me!





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