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My When-We-Have-The-Baby Freezer Prep (Part I)

May 7, 2015

True story: I was driving home from the gym a couple mornings ago and it hit me that we’re for real, for real having a kid. Like I’ve known this all along, but this time, I had a moment of wrapping my mind around it and having a minor freak out. 

On a daily basis I have the most intense feelings of love when I think about holding our son, reading to him, watching him play in the backyard, him and Mark hanging out together. I almost can’t bear waiting any longer to see his face and play with his tiny toes. I already love him SO much!

Then on the flip side, I question everything. Are Mark and I even remotely ready to be parents? What if I miss our quiet house and the ability to get a full night’s sleep and to easily come and go anywhere at anytime that we please? What if I’m not good at breastfeeding? What will we do (financially) if I can’t go back to work after 6 weeks? 

Even with these thoughts, this pregnancy has been interesting in the way that I, the Type-A planner of everything has planned and researched absolutely nothing. Lately I’ve read posts on pregnancy forums that talk about stock-piling diapers, what going home outfit they’ve chosen for their baby, their perfect down-to-the-last-detail birth plan, a pre-planned newborn feeding and sleeping schedule, etc. I can honestly say that I haven’t worried a single second about how many diapers we have on hand at this point (absolutely zero), what my baby will be wearing when he comes home (it will be August, ridiculously humid, and 110 degrees…I’m pretty sure that a cute onesie will do), I do have a loose birth plan written down (but I’ve been warned by every mom I know that every birth plan changes once you’re actually in labor!), and, although I’m a creature of habit and would love my baby to automatically go on an eating & sleeping routine, I personally feel that expecting a 2-day old baby to follow a schedule that I created 3 months before he was even born is holding the bar a little too high for my little guy. 

Ok, I take that back. I have planned one thing: our eating plan once Baby Bailey arrives. 

It’s probably the only thing that I can control which is why I feel so happy about planning it.

Starting this week, I am stock piling roughly 60 meal options (6 weeks or so of breakfast, lunch, & dinner options) in our freezer. It’s no small feat which is exactly while I’m starting this process with a little less than 14 weeks to go. 

We have a stand-alone freezer in the garage that I will be filling as much as I can.

Here’s how I hope the freezer will look once I’m done (photo source):

Organized freezer

This is Part 1 of a 4-part blogging series all about my plan for filling the freezer inventory:


Buy for freezer prep:

  • Foil baking pans (various sizes)
  • Plastic freezer bags (various sizes)
  • Food storage containers (various sizes)
  • Silicone muffin cups
  • Painter’s tape and Sharpie (I plan to label everything and write heating instructions on every casserole)
  • A color-coded running inventory of the meals/food stocked in the freezer (Ah-ha! There’s the Type-A Amy that I’m used to!!)

Make for the freezer:


  • Grilled Chicken Breasts/Thighs (25 breasts/thighs)
    • Dice/chop half of the breasts for easy toppings on salads or simple dishes
  • Browned Ground Beef (seasoned with salt and pepper only) (10 lbs.)
    • Form some of the beef into patties for easy burgers
  • Browned Bison (6 lbs.)
    • Same as ground beef

Baked Goods:


  • Chopped Vegetable Frittata “Kits” (saute these vegetables in a pan, add some fresh eggs and a little heavy cream for an incredibly healthy, vegetable-filled breakfast option!)
  • Smoothie Kits (various combinations of fruits and veggies for use in smoothies)
  • Diced onions, peppers, bacon, etc. for toppings and/or easy add-ons to salads
  • Microwaveable, steam-able bags of veggies (every time there’s a buy one, get one free sale on these vegetables at our grocery store, I stock up!)
  • Spiraled zucchini “noodles” and pre-cooked spaghetti squash 


  • Meaty Spaghetti Sauce (2 gallons)
  • Chili (3 crockpots full)


Snacks For A Nursing Mom:

On my calendar, I’ve mapped out exactly when I’m making what so that I’m completely finished with about 2 weeks until my due date. (Who wants to be spiraling zucchinis at 40 weeks pregnant?!) 

Reasons I’m doing all of this:

  • This freezer plan is the only way that Mark and I can affordably guarantee at least some semblance of a quality meal at least a few times per week for about 6 weeks with very minimal effort.
  • I’m very set on breastfeeding so I acknowledge my need to properly fuel myself so that I can properly fuel our babyCurrentlywhen I’m really tired, I don’t make good food choices. I’m working really hard now to eliminate the excuse, later on, of being too tired to make quality food.
  • As mentioned above, it’s the only thing I feel in control of right now.

In about a month, I’m planning to write Part II of this “Freezer Meal Stock-Up” series!

In the meantime, got any advice (freezer, mom stuff, or otherwise!)? I welcome it all!


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