New Orleans/Julia’s Wedding Recap

October 30, 2013

Hey guys!!!

I can’t wait for tonight! Mark and I are headed to Orlando to the Michael Buble concert. We saw him once in Los Angeles and his concert blew our minds. Our “first dance” song at our wedding was to “I’ve Got the World on a String.” Clearly we love him!

Speaking of weddings, many of you that know me in real life know that I went on a whirlwind trip to New Orleans this past weekend for my high school friend, Julia’s wedding. I took a bazillion pictures, but figured it would take forever to scroll through a huge post of pictures. So here’s a summary of my weekend by numbers (and small pictures!):

new orleans weekend

1) L to R: Ashley, me, Loren at the rehearsal dinner.

2) Beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Fried dough tossed in powered sugar. It’s hard to not like beignets. This place was awesome and well worth the 30 minute wait. (P.S. If you get there any later than about 8:30am be prepared to wait in an extremely long line–a block or two long!)

3) I know this is random, but apparently it’s a “thing.” Every apartment, house, or other living space in downtown New Orleans had these stoops . I had never seen it before. My assumption is that it’s because the houses are built up a little higher to help prevent flooding.

4) This is the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter. It’s a big, beautiful landmark, and surprisingly an active Catholic church. I have no idea where you park to go to church, but I can only imagine how beautiful it is inside! Interesting tidbit: Pope John Paul II came to visit this church in 1987.

5) If you want really great, traditional New Orleans food, this is it! Red beans and rice, jambalaya, shrimp and grits, biscuits, we got it all. It was all incredibly delicious. When in New Orleans, definitely check The Old Coffeepot out!!!

6) Because the wedding and the reception took place in opposite parts of town, my friend Julia had 4 busses pick everyone up from the hotel and drive them to and from the various locations all night. Of course bus rides are an opportunity for pictures…. 🙂

7) Julia and her new husband, Ian, dancing the night away!

8) We all went to high school together. It was fun catching up and seeing where everyone’s lives had taken them! What’s up St. John Country Day?!!

9) I love this picture! In addition to the bouquet toss, it’s a New Orleans’ tradition to have all the single women at the wedding pull a charm out of the wedding cake. All of the charms symbolize something for the ladies’ future:

Hot Air Balloon or Eiffel Tower – A life full of adventure and travel

Claddagh – Friendship, Love, & Loyalty

Butterfly – Eternal Beauty

Star – Your wish will come true!

Anchor – Adventure is around the corner.

Four Leaf Clover – Good luck!

Flower – Blossoming love.

Heart – New Love!

Fleur-de-Lis – Love and Prosperity.

Kite- Something fun is about to happen.

Wishbone – Success!

Ring (similar to catching the bouquet)- Next to get married!


It was such a fun, sweet weekend with my friends. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!

Life is good. Have a happy day, y’all!



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