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Nut Butters, Exercise Clothing, & Life Lessons for Exercise Enthusiasts

August 14, 2014

Between watching Shark Week, buying a house, working on a couple of projects that I have coming up, and a handful of other small things, my brain is in overdrive. I’ve been a little more stressed and tightly wound than usual. Last night I didn’t go to my workout, turned off my cell phone, took a long, quiet walk outside (no music, no audio book–just me and my thoughts), danced to loud music in my kitchen while I made dinner, surfed Pinterest for a longer-than-should-be-allowed amount of time and watched Mark play video games. I woke up today feeling totally refreshed and ready to go. Taking time to just relax and do “Amy things” really does wonders for me.

I’m telling you all of this only because I personally know several people who have a ton of really taxing stuff going on in their lives and they need to give themselves permission to take some “me” time. As a total type-A worrier and control-freak, nothing is better than letting it all go…even if it’s just for a little while! 🙂

Anyways…moving on…

I was on a total learning spree this morning. (Mark likes my learning sprees waaaaaay more than my shopping sprees…)

Because I love learning and sharing all of my knowledge, here are the 3 most interesting and applicable things I thought you would like to know today:

1) There’s a whole world of nut butters out there. I’ve eaten almost everything on this list, however I wasn’t totally aware of how vitamin/mineral packed and great-for-you most of these are (in proper portions and with the fewest added ingredients as possible, of course! 🙂 )

nut butters

2) Is there really a benefit to special exercise clothing? I get asked about workout clothing recommendations somewhat frequently by my clients at the gym. So, for anyone who has ever asked or wondered…. 

nut butters

 3) 8 life-changing lessons that exercise enthusiast can learn from Arianna Huffington’s book, “Thrive” 

nut butters


Have a fantastic day!


P.S. For local St. Augustine folks, my 4-week nutrition course starts tonight at 6:30pm at GO HQ! Let me know if you’ll be there!! 



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