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One Way to Deal with Cravings…

November 7, 2013

I worked out this morning:cravings

I also renewed the registration for my car…and twirled around in front of one of those big reflective windows in a storefront. A lady ran out and gave me a thumbs up and it made my day.

I’m going to be writing a post about cravings coming up very soon, but I keep sitting down to write it and getting stuck. SO, I will give you my first way of dealing with cravings and then finish it out with a separate post either next week or the week after.

The number one way I deal with cravings is by getting my mind off food with something (non food related) that I enjoy- not folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, running, dusting fan blades, or vacuuming my car. It’s probably the only time that I give myself permission to not care about being productive.

My go-tos are: getting a pedicure, checking out the online sale section of lululemon, going for a walk with my friend (not my guinea pig- he has little legs and gets tired very, very quickly), planning a trip, or catching up on my DVR’d shows (mostly The Real Housewives). Getting my mind off my craving with something happy and enjoyable helps every time. Plus, seeing all the skinny women on the Housewives shows makes me think twice about downing 4 peanut butter cups.

I’ve been on a tiny sugar detox for the last two weeks and I’ve been dealing with craving central so this topic is hot on my mind…more ideas on how to combat cravings coming soon.

’til tomorrow…


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