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PaleoFX 2014 Recap Days 3 & 4: More Eating, Learning & Meeting

April 17, 2014

By Saturday (the 2nd day of PaleoFX), I was stuffed full of incredible food and my brain was packed with new ideas for my clients back home!

Saturday began with a great session led by Diane Sanfilippo from my beloved Balanced Bites podcast and the author of two best-selling books: Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox

I loved her session about re-introducing foods back into a Paleo diet. I actually struggle with wanting to eat rice from time to time or wonder if I do eat it, will I feel gross the next day? Diane broke all the science-y stuff down and I learned that I totally should eat the small amounts of white rice that I really want to eat from time to time (does this mean more sushi in my life– hope so!) as long as it doesn’t make me feel bad, why not?!

paleofx 2014

Immediately following her talk, she signed books and “hung out with the people.” I got to sit and ask a couple of non-health/food questions and gained some pretty great insight from her! (Thanks a million, Diane!!) She’s awesome! Liz Wolfe, the other half of the Balanced Bites podcast, had to head home earlier that morning so I, unfortunately, did not get to meet her. However, Diane was kind enough to sign my book and take a picture with me as Liz..Diane’s assistant came up with idea and I thought it would be funny. 

So here I am with Diane and “Liz:”

PaleoFX 2014

For lunch, Mark and I headed to Picnik, the sweetest Paleo food-truck-esque place where you truly sit picnic style and enjoy your meal. I loved it! Naomi, the owner, had more energy than anyone I had ever met and endlessly ran around giving everyone who walked up a hug and asked how their day was and was just generally the most friendly person ever. Mark and I both chose to eat a pork, sweet potato, zucchini lunch with some coffee drinks on the side. 

We had a blast!

PaleoFX 2014

After lunch, we headed back to the conference center to hit up 2 more sessions. The first was all about intentional living (again, a session near and dear to my heart!). It basically validated that we should be making life choices, to the best of our ability, centered around what makes us happy and fulfilled. The whole panel had done exactly that. Most of them quit lucrative jobs to do something they cared much more about, moved their families across the country, took risks on crazy opportunities– it was all so inspiring! The biggest takeaway: don’t chase money, chase fulfillment!

PaleoFX 2014

The day ended listening to the great Mark Scisson and Rob Wolfe speak. Wow, they’re kind of smart. Meaning they’re really, really, really smart. The economics of food movements and how to “teach” healthy eating were among the hottest topics they discussed. 

PaleoFX 2014

After a quick change of clothes we headed off to dinner at Odd Duck. We feasted on a variety of small plates that included Mustard Seed Tater Tots, Deviled Eggs (we ate a lot of them on this trip apparently!) and Roasted Chicken. It was all absolutely incredible!

photo 1

 I couldn’t bear the thought of not having Lick ice-cream in my life again, so we went back (for the second time) for some ice-cream. I got a scoop of Caramel Salt Lick and a scoop of Strawberry Cream and my world was totally rocked…

PaleoFX 2014

The next morning, we went to a couple of last talks, grabbed one last lunch at Picnik, did a little perusing in lululemon, grabbed a fresh juice in Whole Foods then headed to the airport.

PaleoFX 2014

All in all, it was an incredible trip. I met some amazing people, learned more than I could ever write about in 10 blog posts, and had a blast in Austin. Mark and I can’t wait to go back!!!

PaleoFX 2014 was a complete success in my book!!!


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