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Pie, Nuts, and the Happy Documentary

January 27, 2014

After a fantastic weekend of fun, down time, a bit of work, and just being in a happy mood, I’m all set to start this week on a great note.

On Friday night Mark and I headed out to the cold 40 degree temps (sorry non-Florida readers, for me, this is FREEZING. You should all get all-expense paid vacations to warm climates for the crazy winters your endure!) to watch my youngest brother’s soccer game against Mark’s old high school. My brother’s team lost, but Mark’s team won, so yay! It was nice chatting with my mom, dad, and sister under a huge blanket and drinking tea.not the happy documentary, but it makes me happy!

not the happy documentary, but they make me happyMark and I got home around 9:30pm and ate almost an entire Pizza Spaghetti Pie. Usually the entire pie lasts us about 3 meals.

Recipes: Pizza Spaghetti PieSaturday was spent doing a sweaty morning workout, some writing (I’m in the St. Augustine Record every Thursday, have you seen me?!),  doing stuff around the house and watching movies. I also ate about 600 Smoky & Spicy Candied Cashews. They are SO easy to make and dangerously addicting.pie, nuts, and the happy documentary We almost always eat bacon on the weekend (…and about two other times during the week) so while Mark made some post-workout bacon and eggs, I loaded the crock pot with the makings of a pot roast. We loosely based our pot roast from the recipe in The Caveman Feast app. I wish my blog featured smell-o-vision so that I could share the smell of this roast with you—it was insanely amazing. It tasted equally incredible.

not the happy documentary, but bacon makes me happy!

Mark makin’ bacon

not the happy documentary, but it makes me happyDSC02544

DSC02548this should be in the happy documentaryDSC02532DSC02551Saturday night I watched the documentary Happy. It was a super insightful look at the research that has been done about what makes people happy. You’d be surprised about the documentary’s message. (Hint: money and stuff has very, very little to do with happiness!) I know I’m a nerd, but I eat this stuff up! I couldn’t stop talking about it with Mark all weekend!

Sunday was more housework, errand running, and prepping for the week.

Mark and I also talked a little more about our big 5 year anniversary trip. I think we’ve finally decided to do a San Fran/Napa trip. We’ve wanted to go to both of these places for years but have never pulled the trigger. Any recommendations for anything in these places? We like doing active and off-the-beaten path stuff. Plus, we really like food and I know that both of these places are excellent food opportunities. I’ll take any and all suggestions!

Happy last week of January (the year is moving fast!!)!!


P.S. Hey local St. Augustine GUYS!!! If you need a Valentine’s gift that will make your girlfriend/wife absolutely FREAK OUT– come shop the lululemon trunk sale at GO HQ this Saturday at 9am. I promise that she wants lululemon over flowers and chocolate any day! Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 5.35.56 PM


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