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5 Ideas for Your “Plan B” Meals

November 11, 2013

Hey hey hey!

First and foremost–thank you to my sweet friends and family for the texts, phone calls, Facebook posts, Instagram picture collages, tweets, hangouts, and gifts for my birthday! I felt incredibly loved! My 27th year is treating me very well so far! 🙂

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I got the idea for this post from my momma. We went to my parents’ house on Friday night for my birthday dinner (fajitas and birthday cake!) and my mom and I ended up talking for a long time after dinner (good times!). One of the things that we went back and forth about was about being busy and, as a mom, finding a way to make sure kids eat healthy the majority of the time. As a mother of 5, almost-completely grown kids, she knows all about being busy and cooking.

My mom said that while she planned out most of our family’s meals (anyone who has been to my family’s house always knows about my mom’s refrigerator calendar!!!) she always had a rotation of easy, quick, mostly healthy meals to make in the case of the unexpected stuff that turned her dinner plans upside down. These are what she calls her “Plan B” meals.

It’s the days where you’re really sick and cooking anything is just not going to happen, you spontaneously meet friends after work for a going-away party but come home late, still needing dinner, you do a really tough workout and literally have no energy left to cook dinner…

Here’s a mix of her ideas and my ideas

1) Grilled cheese sandwiches and a “steamer” bag of veggies (or canned soup)

  • most people have bread and cheese on hand (add some deli meat to the sandwich for extra protein!)
  • I always keep about 3 bags of microwaveable veggies in our freezer for circumstances like this- not a lot of time or energy but need something “green”
  • cans of soup are always on sale at the grocery store, so stock up on your family’s favorite to have on hand

2) Cheesy, scrambled eggs and already-cooked breakfast meat (that you just need to heat in a pan or microwave)

  • who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?
  • no veggies in this 10 minute (or less) meal, but at least there are lots of proteins and fats! (2 out of the 3, in a pinch, is great!)

3) Grocery-store rotisserie chicken and bagged salad

  • Throw it on plates and eat– couldn’t be easier than that!

4) Fajitas

  • Yup, they can be this easy:
    • Bird’s Eye Frozen Fajita Stir Fry Vegetable Blend
    • Tyson Frozen Fajita Chicken Strips
    • Tortillas
    • Shredded Cheese
    • Salsa
  • Cook the veggies and chicken in a stove top pan (this roughly takes 10 min)
  • Once the veggies and chicken are thoroughly cooked, throw them, the cheese, and the salsa in a tortilla and enjoy!

5) A bowl of cereal and milk (throw some blueberries or a banana on top)

  • This is one of those “meals” that the kids can make
  • While I’m not a huge proponent of cereal in general, there are certain circumstances that cereal may need to happen in order for a meal to happen and people kids to get some sort of food in their stomachs…there should be no guilt in feeding your kids, even if it has to be cereal for dinner every once in a while!

Being tired, sick, run down, or simply out of time happens to everyone. No one should guilt themselves for not having a Pinterest-worthy dinner on the table. Sometimes Mark and I have chips and salsa for dinner… oops…

One last thing–I made Carrot Muffins last night. They are warm and cinnamon-y, and perfect for a breakfast or snack on the go. (Throw a smear of almond butter on it…just do it!)

Here’s the recipe: Coconut Flour Carrot Muffins

plan b meals: muffins

plan b meals: muffins

Happy Veteran’s Day!



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