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Post-Baby Body Goals & Meal Planning Ideas

September 21, 2015

Talk about a priority shift.

I thought for sure I would be so eager to do anything I could to lose my baby weight immediately after giving birth. 

The reality is, though, that by the end of my day spent nursing, entertaining & changing the diapers/clothes of a newborn, and handling the duties of our household, the last thing on my mind is weight loss.IMG_7782Admittedly, working out the entirety of my pregnancy and watching what I ate helped with the post-baby bounce-back. My lifestyle choices paid off and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight (I am absolutely not bragging, I’m just happy that now I’m reaping the benefits of choosing to go to the gym when all I really wanted to do was take a long nap and eat pizza and ice-cream during 10 months of pregnancy!), however, my body is shaped a bit differently and I’ve definitely lost some of my muscle tone. bodySO, instead of weight loss, my post-baby goals are all focused on re-gaining my strength and the cardiovascular stamina I had prior to pregnancy! I yearn to feel strong in my workouts and run a 5k without feeling like my lungs are going to explode. I can’t wait to ring the gym’s PR (personal record) bell for a squat and deadlift!

I don’t have a magical plan or course or action except that by January 2016,  I want to:

  • complete 3 5k’s, each taking 28 minutes or less 
  • lift a combined weight of 475 lbs in backsquat/push press/deadlift
  • string together 10 Toes-To Bar

 That’s it!

As I work toward these goals, I have no doubt my body will regain it’s strength and muscle tone. 

To me, it was very empowering that my body grew and birthed a baby and now I feed that baby (about 59 times a day, or so it feels..) with milk that I produce. It all still blows my mind. Every day I wake up extremely grateful that I was and am able to do all of the above. The female body really is incredible– so I choose to embrace the awesomeness instead of picking myself apart in a mirror.


A big part of feeling good, for me, is eating well. While nursing, balanced eating has been more important to me than ever. I haven’t thrown a meal plan out there in a while, so here’s what’s on the menu at our house this week:

Monday: Asparagus Orzo Salad

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash, Bacon, Spinach, Feta Bowl

Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken & Black Bean Taco Salad

Thursday: Pizza Stir Fry with a side salad

Friday: Breakfast For Dinner (Paleo pancakes and veggie omlets)

I also make a weekly batch of these amazing lactation cookies.

I’m always hungry and snack all day long on: almonds, cinnamon peanut butter filled celery sticks, apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon, turkey roll-ups (turkey, avocado, Franks Red Sauce), and green smoothies.

‘Till next time…


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