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The Power of 3!

May 13, 2014

Everything happens in 3s….isn’t that a saying?! I ‘m not sure, but I do know that it seems to be pretty true in my life: I have 3 favorite foods (soft tacos, dump cake and yucca fries from Mango Mango’s), 3 things that really anger me (traffic, people picking their nose, and mouth noises–smacking, loud chewing of gum, swishing, etc), 3 bedrooms in my house, 3 awesome things that have happened over the past couple of days…so to keep the tradition going, here are 3 must-check-out things for the day:

1) Oh Yes It’s Free! Where everything is free!

power of 3




2) Dry shampoo! Florida is already hot, so between working at the gym all day, working out, and just living life in a hot place, I get sweaty– every day! I hate having smelly, greasy hair and since I can’t be taking 3 showers every day, I have found dry shampoo to be my saving grace. Give this stuff about 5 sprays at your roots around your head and wa-laa! Fresh and clean hair!

This is the brand that I’m in love with– a clean scent, not a bunch of sulfites and chemicals!

power of 3













3) Active vacations! School is about to be out, the sun in shining, and everyone is anxious to hit the road for a little out-of-town fun. I’m LOVING Trip Tribe’s active vacations:

How about a 6-day Stand Up Paddling Adventure trip in Kauai, Hawaii in July (for only $1,550 per person + airfare!!)

How about an 8-day Pilates cruise in the British Virgin Islands in August 

How about a 6-day Island Wellness Retreat in Ilha Grande (Brazil) in June?

power of 3










Happy Tuesday! Make it a great one!






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