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A Priority Shift and Some Fun Things to Read

December 30, 2014

Hey! Hey!

Man, this time of year is awesome. I just love the Christmas/New Year holiday.  This year I made a very strategic effort to be in the moment and focused on all the family and friend time instead of worrying about taking pictures and how to turn everything into a cool blog post.

As I sat down to write this post, I realized, though, that I’m definitely going through a priority shift of sorts: for starters, I used to stress about writing a blog post every day. Now, I’m happy if I write 2 posts per week. My quantity of blog posts and frequency of writing just isn’t that important to me anymore. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not planning on stopping blogging anytime soon, I just don’t feel the need to write mediocre blog posts simply for the sake of making it a daily occurrence. I’ve really enjoyed writing when the mood strikes and saying something worthwhile.

The other thing is that blogging is inherently selfish and that sometimes bothers me. Who am I to think that I am important/interesting/knowledgable enough to put my meals/workouts/ideas/opinions/etc. out to the world? Why does anyone care what I’m eating for dinner this week or what I did for my anniversary? So…if it seems that I’ve been straying from the personal stuff a wee bit, that’s why. Although I receive the kindest, most amazing feedback from a bunch of people, I still think it’s funny that blogs are mostly just people spilling their personal stuff with a little wisdom dropped in from time to time.

Need some personal stuff from me?? Here ya go:

  • according to my fancy, schmancy Basis Peak that Mark got me for Christmas (I love it, by the way!!!!!), I have walked 1,083 steps today. 
  • our guest bedroom is a complete DISASTER. There is wrapping paper, random books, Christmas ornaments, shipping boxes, and who knows what else strewn everywhere. I’m about to go crazy from it, too.
  • the house we’re building looks so incredible! Our builders are amazing and Mark and I could not be more pleased! It’s our dream first home!

Moving on…

There have been a bunch of interesting fitness and food articles in the news lately. Here were the most interesting ones to me (see…there’s that selfish thing again 😉 ):

It’s Time to Stop Fearing Fat

No One Would Have Called Me an Alcoholic, But Giving Up Drinking Changed My Life

Is It Possible To Exercise Too Much?

The Superfood Trend


Have a stupendous day!


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