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“Pura Vida”

April 23, 2013

A handful of my friends are getting married this year which means we talk about honeymoon travel plans all the time. I love it! All this talk of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Greek Isles, and Hawaii are giving me a real bad travel itch though.

I was reflecting today, though, since Mark and I didn’t take a honeymoon, about my favorite trip that we’ve taken so far…and I have it say it was the time we went to Costa Rica a few years ago. We went there with Mark’s family, stayed in the Four Seasons (it was incredible!) on the Papagayo Peninsula and had a complete blast!

The hotel looked over the ocean on both sides and just a little ways up the hill from the hotel was lush, beautiful rainforest. Over the course of the trip we kayaked and canoed around the peninsula. We also went zip lining, deep-sea fishing, swam around in the pool, and Mark’s dad and brother hit up some phenomenal surf spots.

Mark's brother, Brooks

Mark’s brother, Brooks

Mark's dad

Mark’s dad

On the day we went deep-sea fishing, I accidentally caught the biggest wahoo! I’m terrible at fishing (I have no patience for it!) but somehow managed to reel in this massive fish that we ate and ate and ate and ate…I think we somehow had wahoo at every meal. We all laugh about this to this day.

The wahoo was so big that I couldn't completely lift it off the ground

The wahoo was so big that I couldn’t completely lift it off the ground

Shortly after this picture was taken, because we were in the middle of nowhere in the ocean and the boat was rocking so much, I got incredibly seasick. So, this picture is the last time that I was smiling on that boat trip.

One morning toward the end of the trip, before anyone else was awake, Mark and I snuck out for a hike. This hike is one of the best memories that I have with Mark. Because it was so early, we saw a ton of monkeys gathering food and playing in the trees, a rainbow of crabs clicked across our hiking paths and the scenery at the top of the hike was the best that I’ve ever seen.

Crazy crabs

Crazy crabs

Top of the hill

Top of the hill

I want to go back...

I want to go back…

The people of Costa Rica were also quite memorable. Every person that we met, whether at the hotel, while shopping in town, or just walking around was incredibly friendly and totally embodied the Costa Rican culture of “pura vida.” Meaning “full of life,”  this phrase was the perfect way to describe Costa Rica’s beautiful land, kind people, and happy lifestyle.

Peace, love, Pura Vida

Peace, Love, Pura Vida


This post does no justice to the beauty of Costa Rica and amount of fun we had on this trip. Food, fun, and family-what more could we need?! Hands down, best.trip.ever.





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