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All About My Run Training & My Latest Run Playlist

September 10, 2014

I wish I had a decent picture of what I look like after a 3 mile run. Unfortunately, I don’t. Even if I did, though, it would probably scare you and you would not ever come back to my blog again because you would be afraid of seeing it.

Instead, this is a nice, pretty action shot where you can’t see my veins popping out and sweat pouring off me and onto anything within a 12 inch radius:


Running is not pretty, glamorous, fun, exciting, or even something I remotely had interest in until about 2 months ago. Sure, I had run in the past because the gym was closed or I needed some sort of activity that I could do for free on my own time, but it has NEVER been something enjoyable to me.

Roughly 8 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a free month of customized run workouts designed to fit my schedule, my needs, and my goals. Obviously agreeing to run training was not something I was terribly excited about, HOWEVER, it was something that I started to enjoy….let me explain:

When I was setting up my user profile on Red Figure Training, I was able to input my strengths/weaknesses with running and, because, I was afraid that I was going to be expected to run every day (in addition to the workouts I already do, that seemed really overwhelming to me), I made it very clear that I only intended to run 2 days per week. After the second week into these run workouts, I actually started to enjoy the time I was able to mindlessly move without worrying about weights, what people were doing around me, who’s moving faster than me, etc.

I stayed 100% committed to the run training–a couple of weeks I even added a 3rd day of running to my workouts (you know, just because…) and between the fun playlists I created to keep me occupied while I ran and the huge appetite I began to have (running does that to you, I guess?), I really fell into a good groove.

All this to say, Red Figure Training did an outstanding job of meeting my time and life constraints. I didn’t feel pressure to run fast or meet any certain criteria, I just complied with the program that my coach, Ruben, designed for me, and magically became a person who sort of likes running. I also love how dynamic stretching was implemented throughout every run workout that I was given!

(Here’s one of my actual workouts…notice you can log your run’s statistics, too. I love seeing progress so this feature totally worked for me!)

Red Figure Training

Red Figure Training is also very reasonable priced. Depending on the level runner that you are and what your needs are, Red Figure Training has 2 packages:

Red Figure Training


Since I highly suggest running with music (if that’s your thing), here’s my go-to running playlist. If you use Spotify, follow me! I update my playlists often:

(The playlist starts on Black Betty…I can’t get it to go away, but Shake it Off will not play on Spotify…) 

Do big, amazing things today!


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