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Running on the Treadmill vs. Running Outside

September 20, 2013

Hey friends!

I’m more glad than usual that it’s Friday. I have had one of the busiest weeks that I’ve had in a loooooong time.

I was SO excited to get to the gym for a workout today. <<<< This is awesome given the fact that, as of Wednesday, I barely had the motivation or energy to get in my car and drive to Fit Camp, much less participate. The only downside was that I was really limited in the amount of time that I had to work out today. I had 35 minutes to squeeze in some sweat time so I programmed a pretty killer workout…but at the very last minute decided to enjoy the cooler, less humid Florida weather and go for a run.

I haven't gone running in 6 months

See! I haven’t clocked a run since March 10th!

I began my run feeling pretty confidant. I did a fit test last week that began with a 3 mile run. Since I was performing my fit test at the local gym, I used the treadmill to clock my run. I was SHOCKED (!!!!) that I easily ran a full 5k (3.2 mi.) in just over 26 minutes. For not running in 6 months, this was very unexpected. So today, as I bounced out the door fully planning to beat my 26 minute time, I was extremely disappointed when 26 minutes came around and I still hadn’t completed 3 miles.

running at the gym

This is my treadmill time/distance

running outside

This is my outside distance in the same amount of time that I ran on the treadmill

I survived today's running

I survived today’s running…with a smile and a thumbs up!

This goes to show you that running outside, as you do in road races, takes into account many more factors than does basic, gym running. For example, today I was tired, my mind was all over the place, it’s much hotter outside than it is in the gym, snakes and my friendly neighbors proved to be very distracting when I was pacing myself, and my music was not quite as peppy and motivating as I would have liked. So, if you’re training for a race, do it outside if you can! It’s a much more accurate measurement of your running performance.

Side note- I still don’t enjoy running, although I really wish I did! I’ve been curious where I stand with my running now that I don’t do it anymore and there are a couple of local 5ks coming up that I’m participating in. Today’s run was ok, but I got bored and my mind wandered like crazy. I think I made 3 separate to-do lists in a 1 mile span. Personally, I like working out to be a distraction and a way to blow off steam from the outside world, not a way for my to continue thinking about everything that I have going on.

Now I’m throwing together some dinner and spending some time with Mark before I’m headed to Orlando! I’ll be at the FLBlogCon (Florida Bloggers Conference) tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been doing a ton of learning in almost every aspect of my life lately, so this will certainly be no exception. Bring on the knowledge!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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