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Simply Saturday

April 27, 2013

Hello, hello!

Today was such an amazingly simple day. Mark and I slept in, made smoothies and ate leftover fajita veggies and meat for breakfast. We spent the morning loving on Otis, reading magazines, picking up around the house, and catching up on some odds and ends that we just never really get around to. Then, we headed outside for our, now, weekly outdoor workout. I’ve found that Mark is a great workout partner for me because I have to push myself to keep up with him, plus he always gives me feedback on how to make moves more difficult or more efficient. Score!

Although the pictures kind of give it away, check out my Fitness page to see our workout!







After our sweaty workout, we headed to the pool. We splashed around for a bit, then soaked up the sun while listening to a Fat Burning Man podcast episode. In this particular episode, Abel James interviewed Bill Staley and Haley Mason, the writers, photographers, and creators of Gather. <—–I SO want this book! Bill and Haley seem like really cool people and we would totally be friends if we ever met. 🙂

After a bunch of little kids started splashing us an adequate amount of pool time we headed back to the house for showers and dinner. Mark had thrown together his infamous crock pot chili earlier in the day so dinner was easy peasy. We were both craving something chocolatey so I whipped up some Chocolate Coconut Milk Mousse for dessert. It REALLY hit the spot. Find the recipe on my In the Kitchen page!


I sprinkled some leftover crumbly queso on my chili. SO good!


Full and happy, Mark and I cleaned up the kitchen and watched an episode of Breaking Bad <–this show is super addicting!

Again, it was my perfect kind of Saturday. Just the right balance of work and play!

If you’re reading this…thanks and goodnight!


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