August 25, 2017

Man, oh man, has it been an awesome summer.

As you can tell, I took most of it off from blogging. I also took a lot of extra time to play with my little guy and did my best to say no to any new obligations. (<< that part didn’t go very well for me, but I have since un-obligated myself.)We spent the last 3 months playing outside, splashing in the pool, exploring some new picnic spots, reading books, traveling, and simply enjoying summer. Not every day was giggles and popsicles, we still had some toddler melt-downs (that sometimes lead to Amy melt-downs), uncooperative days, and days where I was dead tired and could barely get out of the house looking like a decent person, much less run around in 100 degree heat.

BUT, I have absolutely loved the extra time with Hudson. Especially Wednesdays when we had no schedule and no place to be. It has helped me slow down and truly enjoy seeing the world from his perspective.Now that summer is coming to a close, I am totally rejuvenated and Hudson is back to preschool! I’m excited for my new, busier training schedule at the gym and lots more blogging! (I’ve got some good, new blog content in the pipeline!)

I wish I could apologize for my absence from the blog, the gym, and life in general the last couple of months…but sorry, I’m just not sorry! 


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