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Sweaty Thursday

July 11, 2013

I haven’t done a fitness post in a while.

I’ve sweat a lot lately…I’ve been sweating, in general (FL is hot!), but especially with some pretty awesome workouts.

I designed and led a group workout for my husband’s family while we were in West Palm Beach a few weeks ago. The workout looked like this (P.S. We were all sorts of sore for a solid 3 days from the leg work in this one!):



Some of the West Palm workout group…Mark, me, and his sister

A few days ago, I did an awesome workout at the gym all by myself. (Remember how I’ve plateaued lately? Ever since that post, I’ve been taking my own advice and I’m really seeing some improvements!) Here’s what I did on my own (I lovingly named it “The Sweaty Betty”):



oh hello there!

I have another workout planned for tomorrow. I need one extra calorie-burner before I head out on vacation!

Truthfully, no matter how sleepy, exhausted, over-the-day, or just downright cranky I am, I ALWAYS feel amazing after a sweaty workout. It has been a loooooong week, so paired with some tough, but amazing Fit Camp workouts earlier this week, tomorrow’s workout will be just what I need. Bring on the pain. (Note to Amy’s body: When I say pain, I don’t really mean pain. I mean that good sort of sore…)


And on that note…I leave you with this…



Have a great one!


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