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{The Abacos, Bahamas Recap}

July 19, 2013

I’m pretty sure I’m the most terrible person at disconnecting from email/Facebook/Instagram/texting/etc. I checked my email every day on our trip (and what’s worse, I answered almost all of them!), checked Facebook to see all of the important stuff I was clearly missing back home, and posted a picture a day on Instagram.

While I wasn’t attached to some sort of social media/connection to the rest of the world, I did have the most amazing time with the Bailey family. We boated around from island to island all over the Abacos. (The Abacos are an island chain in the northern Bahamas)


We ate at some really fun places (Cracker P’s, Nippers, Sea Spray Marina, Harbor’s Edge, Firefly, the MOST amazing stone crabs from a little lady on Man-O-War Cay, among a handful of other little places), paddle-boarded, swam, snorkeled all over many beautiful reefs, went for walks around the island, met some friendly natives, and survived mini-tropical storms every night. No joke, the wind blew about 40 mph and the rain pounded our house. It was intense. 

Life moves at a slower pace (most shops, in town, close around 3pm every day), people are friendly, there’s no traffic, lots of great food, and a ton of outdoor stuff to do! The Abacos are a close getaway that absolutely makes you feel like your on the other side of the world!


Family pic on the beach at Nippers!


I love this picture of me and Mark’s 2 sisters! SO FUN!

My father-in-law relaxing on the porch of the local marina

My father-in-law relaxing on the porch of the local marina


Just hanging on the paddleboard havin’ a group chat…


Lunch and down-time at Nippers!


Family walk to pick up stone crabs on Man-O-War Cay.

I love this picture of Mark 🙂

Walking down Lover’s Lane with my lover…

Mark and Mac on the lookout for starfish.

Waiting out the rain underneath Crack P’s restaurant…

Family game of corn hole


The corn hole winners and their “thug” faces…


Love my man!

Now, Mark and I are home for a night before we’re headed off to North Carolina for Young Life Camp!

We can’t wait!!!!!!!!



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