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The Best Paleo Snacks I’ve Ever Eaten (and they’re store-bought!!)

July 2, 2015

Gahhhhhhh!!! I don’t know what it is, but all of a sudden I crave Swedish Fish, ice-cream, and really chewy brownies ALL DAY err’day…maybe it’s just something about pregnancy?

Anyway, needless to say, while I do occasionally cave (hence me eating a doughnut last week in the picture below!), I try really, really hard to fight the hardcore sugar monster raging inside of me.

IMG_7025I generally make myself some tea or eat a little protein/fat snack when I feel like I’m about to cave…and because there are moments when I have zero self-discipline, it also helps that we keep absolutely zero candy, cookies, ice-cream, etc. in our house.

Y’all…the struggle is real.

All that to be said, it couldn’t have more perfectly timed when Tara from Steve’s PaleoGoods reached out to me about sampling their line of snacks and Paleo goodies. Finding somewhat healthy, low-sugar, on-the-go snacks is actually really hard (as many of my clients have told me time and time again!).

As I perused the Steve’s PaleoGoods site, I practically licked my computer screen. Then, when my goodies arrived, I almost sliced my finger off trying to as-quickly-as-possible cut open the box and taste each package of amazingness.


As a serious granola fiend, Steve’s PaleoKrunch is a godsend. PLUS, I felt really good about eating the stuff– imagine my shock when I checked out the ingredients: signature Krunchy clusters made from a blend of coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts, raw pecans, raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, and a touch of honey.  (And, by the way, there are a bunch of incredible granola flavors– um, Carrot Cake and Dark Chocolate Espresso, and Bacon– yes please!!!)



It’s not really possible to make the granola any better…but putting Steve’s Dried Strawberries on top of my Cinnamon PaleoKrunch, pretty much made my bowl of granola out-of-bounds-type incredible (Guy Fieri reference, anyone?!).

In addition to Steve’s PaleoKrunch, there was also some seriously amazing jerky, an Apple PaleoKit, and Paleo Ketchup included in my little package from Steve.

Mark tore into the jerky pretty much the moment I was nowhere to be found (which is basically the first moment he had where I wouldn’t ask him to share).


Then, later in the evening, he doused his grilled chicken, broccoli, and even his sweet potato in Paleo Ketchup.IMG_7015

Because he has the most experience devouring all of the above goodness, I asked him to tell you guys how awesome it all was:

 I can’t recommend all of the above snacks enough. Quality ingredients, incredibly delicious, snazzy, easy-to-grab-and-go packaging–who wouldn’t want Steve’s PaleoGoods in their snack drawer.

As a little bonus for Funky Fork readers, Steve’s is offering a 15% off discount code (code: “funkyfork”) for the week of July 3-10 only. So stock up with the discount before it disappears! 

Mark and I just placed an order for more PaleoKrunch, Jerky, and Ketchup! 

I can’t wait to hear what YOU order!! Keep me posted!


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