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The Most Annoying, Time-Consuming, Frustrating Thing Ever…

January 15, 2014

is actually not that bad. I know because I just did it.

I signed up for health insurance.

I actually felt like this was blog-worthy and wanted to share my experience with you because I hear from clients and friends all the time about how much they dread that they’re going to have to go through the Obamacare/ system.

health insurance from healthcare.govI spent about 10 minutes on and did not like any of my options nor were any of my doctors taking any of the health insurance options on the site.

Frustrated and annoyed, I called a health insurance agent that Mark works with.

She, honestly, was the reason the process ended up being so easy. Here’s the process that led me to health insurance bliss:

Step 1: My health insurance agent and I met. She plugged my data into an insurance plan database that only insurance agents have access to, printed out all of my coverage options (they were totally different and MUCH better than then ones on, answered all 584 of my questions, and we crunched numbers. She listened to my concerns, what exactly I was looking for, and proceeded to point out the plans she believed most aligned to me and my needs.

Step 2: I brought home the print-outs of my options and discussed them with Mark. Once we agreed upon the best plan, I emailed my agent my choice.

Step 3: Almost immediately upon sending my agent my decision, I was sent a very basic form to fill out.  Then, within about 10 minutes of submitting the form, I received a confirmation email from my insurance company confirming that I am now enrolled with benefits through their company beginning February 1.

Step 4: I did  a happy dance. I did not grind my teeth, yell, or want to punch my pillow– so everything was a success!Windy Gap: happy goal faceThe entire process took 1 week. I felt validated, listened to and understood. 

I went into the experience expecting the worst and came out of it feeling completely, 100% satisfied. 

I HIGHLY suggest working with someone who knows the ins and outs of the insurance world and all of its craziness. They’re always there if you have questions, are confused, or ever want to change policies, etc…and they cost NOTHING!!! 

 P.S. Did you know that you will pay a penalty in your 2014 taxes if you do not have health insurance this year? It’s true…so get on it! Surprises at tax time are never good!


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