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Some Thoughts on Arrogance.

January 20, 2014

I’m gonna take it a little deep for a Monday…

I’ve learned many things in my new personal training/blogging adventure this past year. One of those things being that I have to “talk myself up” all the time. Anyone in any sort of sales job or who is in business for themselves knows what I’m talking about. It’s so weird promoting yourself all the time though, ya know?

How do I promote myself without sounding like an arrogant jerk? What’s the balance between arrogance and humility?

While I have absolutely zero answers to these questions, I try to maintain less arrogance and more humility. 

To do this, here’s what I hold myself to:

  • Remember that there are always people out there doing what you do…with the same or better greatness! I believe it’s ok to think great things about myself as long as I’m willing to accept that I’m not the center of the universe and that there are other people out there doing pretty much the same thing as me.
  • Be willing to promote others. I have been and am constantly being helped along the way in life by SO many people. I am forever grateful for these kind souls and strive to pass along their endless encouragement and mentorship. Most successful people don’t get where they are in life without “knowing someone,” having an “in,” having someone of a higher position take a risk on them, etc. While I’m certainly nowhere near being a “higher up” person, I will always do whatever I can to promote and help anyone who is working hard to get where they’re headed. 
  • As others succeed, genuinely celebrate with them. No one likes to spend their birthday alone, the same way no one likes to spend their time of great accomplishment alone. Whether it’s a pat on the back, a celebratory dinner, a hug, or a surprise goody bag, taking the time to authentically be happy for other’s success keeps me from focusing too much on myself. 

As I re-read this post before it is published, I realize that it sounds like I’m “downing” myself. I am not. I believe, wholeheartedly, in having confidence in yourself, but there is a very thin line between too much confidence and arrogance. The points above are the only ways I know to “check myself” before I start dancing around in the arrogant jerk category. 

All in all: love yourself and work hard at everything…but don’t be annoying and think that you’re the center of the universe.

I’m out.

Have a great one!


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