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Thursday Link Love

August 15, 2013

Hey guys!

Other than working, my Thursdays are for studying! My ACSM certification exam is right around the corner so I’m getting my studying into high gear! My brain is a big pool of anatomy, body levers, rap songs about the heart (Thanks Brandon!), planes of the body, legal stuff, and a heck of a lot of numbers and tidbits of training knowledge.


Instead of rambling about my stress eating (which is what I was planning to write about), I’m feeling more like telling you about some websites and blogs totally worth checking out (click on the teal-colored word to be taken directly to the site!):

Lifehacker I love the range of stuff this site covers. You can read an article about improving your computer’s processing speed one minute and an article about antioxidants the next. I always learn something new from Lifehacker!

Lindsay’s List She’s honest about her past eating disorder, a lovely mama, a fitness and brownie lover! She’s funny, deep, and refreshingly unique! I adore her blog!

The Trip Tribe This is THE coolest company! They arrange health and fitness focused vacations! Cabo, Italy, Costa Rica, Yellowstone– they go all over the place! I love the Crossfit/Paleo Cabo trip (click here to check out the trip!). It’s definitely worth at least signing up for an account!

Pink Peonies This beautiful blog is fashion explosion! I can’t look at this website while I’m on a budget. I kind of want everything.


Ok, I’m off to work!

Have a lovely day…I did a gratitude dance for all of you this morning! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂




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