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My Top 4 Most Asked Food & Fitness Questions

June 12, 2015

I looked at my calendar this morning and realized that 2 months from today, the Bailey Bean is due to be born. That both blows my mind and makes me feel really anxious. I can’t wait to hold my little boy! 🙂

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I’m in my 3rd trimester. 31 weeks/8 months pregnant!


Over these next 8 weeks I’m focused on doing my best to be as prepared as I can: packing my hospital bag, stocking the nursery, reading books, cooking freezer meals, taking naps, and trying to soak in my last weeks of being a baby-less household! 

Nothing I’m writing about below has anything to do with this…so…let’s get on with the important stuff. 

I basically get asked different versions of the same food/fitness questions all day every day. Clearly these questions need to be addressed…so drumroll please…here are the Top 4 most asked questions:

1) If I was going to eat perfect for 1 day, what would that look like?

I get this questions daily, and as annoying as my answer is, there is no great answer:

Everyone has varying degrees of physical activity, medical needs, preferences, allergies, etc. If we were all robots and we all functioned the exact same way, here’s what I would say: (please note that I am not a dietician and that these are simply “in a perfect world scenarios”)

Breakfast: 2 lightly fried eggs sautéed in coconut oil, 3/4 of a cup of sautéed greens, 4 oz of a quality protein (a chicken breast, perhaps?) and 2 glasses of lemon water (the juice from a lemon squeezed into your glass of water).

Lunch: A large, hearty salad (lots of various greens, tomatoes, carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc) with 4-8 oz of a quality protein, chunks of avocado, and some balsamic vinegar drizzled on top.

Snack (only eaten if hungry): 2 hardboiled eggs or roughly 4oz or grass-fed, “clean” beef jerky.

Dinner: 4-6 oz of baked/steamed/broiled fish, 1/2 of a baked sweet potato topped with 1/2 a tablespoon of REAL butter and sprinkled with cinnamon, and another hearty salad like the one listed above, minus the protein.

2) What can I do to give myself a bigger butt.? <<This is absolutely a real question that I get ALLLLLLL the time!

While I can not guarantee with absolute certainty that the below exercises will give you a bigger butt, they will certainly work your glutes and surrounding muscles and get you well on your way:

Squats (of all variations!) (image source)


Lunges (image source)


Sled Push (image source)



57c92b680d2a2bce24a6a4b3b8ba2dad3) “I just want to get rid of this stomach fat and I read in (fill in the blank) Magazine that doing 60 seconds of front planks every day will help. What else should I do with my front planks to get rid of my stomach fat?”

I truthfully want to scream when this gets brought up to me. Friends:  you can’t spot reduce fat AND, if you’re doing ab exercises, you’re only strengthening your core muscles, which is great, but won’t give you a 12 pack of abs or even a flat stomach. You have to deal with the layer (or two) of fat on top of your core muscles. Cliche and not fun, I know, but abs are made in the kitchen! Eat clean, reduce your sugar and sodium intake and participate in physical activity every other day, if not every day. It may take several weeks or months of very clean eating and physical activity to notice a significant difference in your midsection but this is truly the only way. I wish it was as easy as daily front planks and crunches!


4) What is a really quick, healthy meal I can throw together for my family of somewhat picky eaters? (Most people ask this question this way: “I know I shouldn’t go through the Chik-Fil-A drive-thru a 3rd time this week, what can I make at home for my family instead?”)

I say think of it this way: you still want to get in your macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates), it just needs to be easy and appealing to picky eaters. 

I am in no way affiliated with them or paid to say this, but Applegate Farms is a great grocery store brand that offers quality products that taste really good. If your family loves chicken nuggets, check out Applegate Farms’ chicken nuggets or strips (in the freezer section). They also make hotdogs, deli meats, bacon and other breakfast meats, and cheeses. All can easily be used as a protein in a quick meal.

Serve your Applegate Farms protein with a side of veggies sautéed in coconut oil, or even better, bacon fat! Wa la! A balanced and extremely easy meal. I keep Applegate Farms chicken nuggets stocked in our freezer so that on hectic nights where we have 15 minutes to throw together a healthy dinner or, which is much more common these days, I’m just too tired to cook anything for dinner, we are still guaranteed some semblance of a healthy meal. Just last week I made chicken nuggets and broccoli, which I pan seared with some bacon grease. 

IMG_6887Another meal that takes 15 or less minutes to make: chop some Brussels Sprouts and add them to a pan of sliced Applegate sausages or Applegate hotdogs. Season however you would like and just before plating your panned mixture, toss in some Laughing Cow wedged cheese so that it melts all over your veggies and meat. You can check out the recipe here! (image source)



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