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Top 5 Instant Pot Recipes, Amazon Favorites, & Health Resources

July 17, 2017

Me, Mark, Hudson and Mark’s side of the family are headed to Costa Rica ridiculously early tomorrow morning. Logically, because I have a bazillion things I need to be doing, I got the itch to write a blog post. So, apparently packing can wait…instead, I’ve got a ton of things for you to click through:

Now that everyone bought an Instant Pot through Amazon’s Prime Day deal, here are my top 5 favorite Instant Recipes of all time (with 2 coming in close for the top 5 spots):

  1. Chicken Yum Yum
  2. Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole
  3. Hard Boiled Eggs (you will go back to the old way of making them again!)
  4. Kalua Pig (the most delicious pulled pork you’ve ever made!) 
  5. Chicken Tortilla Soup

(..and I love these too: “Baked” Apples and Beer & Mustard Pulled Turkey–this one sounds odd but tastes amazing as an alternative to beef in tacos!!)

I’m an Amazon fiend. I think I buy about 75% of our “stuff” from Amazon. Lately, I’ve come across some good deals and new favorite products:

(Everything is under $30!)

  1. Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition – The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game (Regularly $19.99, on sale for $12.88- 36% off!)
  2. Rosebud Salve ($6, not on sale but worth every penny. I can’t recommend this stuff enough!)
  3. TravelWise Packing Cube System (Regularly $49.95, on sale for $22.95– 54% off!) 
  4. Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap, Lemon Verbana, 3 pack (regularly $11.97, using the 20% off coupon linked below, you can get 3 bottles of this amazing, mostly natural dish soap for $8.38!) 
  5. Megafood Women’s Daily Multivitamin ($28.05…not the cheapest vitamins, but you absolutely get what you pay for and these are PHENOMENAL!!) 

I also just found out about Amazon’s coupon page! As you’ve probably noticed, Amazon almost never issues promotion codes, but here’s their coupon page!

Here are a few of the Amazon coupons I’ve most recently taken advantage of:

Save 10% on Desitin baby products

Save 20% on Australian Gold sun care

Save 20% on Mrs. Meyers’ cleaning products

Save 25% on NUK and Gerber Graduates bottles and cups

Save 35% on select products from Pure Growth Organics

I’ve been reading up on my health news a ton lately. I’m a total nerd when it comes to this stuff. Here are the 5 articles that have most fascinated me in the last week:

  1. Check out this new technology that allows supermarkets to change the price of food throughout the day
  2. Blood of SIDS infants contains high levels of serotonin
  3. Turns out, fish don’t feel pain
  4. Does having a purpose in life help you sleep better?
  5. Out with grass-fed, in with elixir-fed meat??




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