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The Top Questions I’ve Been Asked Over the Past 3 Months

September 25, 2017

Being public with my life is funny sometimes. While I choose to put my life out into the world via this blog and the various social media platforms, people ask very personal, sometimes hurtful, and sometimes very weird questions. Usually it’s a total stranger so it feels every weirder.

I can’t imagine being a famous person and getting hundreds of personal questions every day of your life. I’m sure they feel like they can’t do anything without having to give an explanation!

I’ve received everything from “why are you so ugly?” to “where does your son go to preschool” and “your food looks so gross.” Yeah, good times.

I’m not bothered for a minute by annoying trolls whose life mission is to tear people down. I simply don’t understand why you would intentionally be a hurtful person. It makes no sense to me. 

I’ve made a list of the questions that I’ve received more than 10 times in the last few months that are worthy of an answer, and here they are:

Where did you get your living room rugs? (hands down, the #1 questions I’m asked!)

Here’s the deal. We have a toddler and he makes messes. I am NOT going to spend a bunch of money on rugs that will get guacamole stains and blueberry smoothie smudges (and who knows what else) until we have much older people living in our house. Since high-quality rugs cost, on average, $1,000 or more apiece, I did about 2 months of research trying to find an affordable alternative.

I have had about 25 people message me on Instagram asking where to buy my navy blue/white rug and seagrass living room rugs. So here’s the big secret: RugsUSA

They run deals and offer coupons regularly. I bought both of these rugs during a 90% sale.

This is the exact blue and white Moroccan Trellis rug

This is the exact beige Seagrass rug

For our whole house (5 room-sized rugs plus a small rug at our front door) we spent just at $1,000).

(Total side note, but we saved up for a long time to “deck out” our house once it was done being built. Let’s just say that it costs SO much more than we anticipated to furnish a house—or we just have expensive taste!)

Why doesn’t Hudson wear clothes in your IG videos?

I love that people routinely ask me this! (insert sarcasm here)

Hudson generally refuses to keep his pants/shorts on. He takes them off every time I attempt to put them back on him. So, if we’re at home, I’ve decided I’ve got bigger battles to fight than if my son is wearing a full outfit while we’re at home. He’s two and it’s on the perks of being a toddler. 

What type of mascara do you use?

I’ve tried hundreds but always come back to Maybelline Great Lash. Old school and cheap.

(and other variations of this question: no I don’t have lash extensions, wear fake lashes, etc. My dad has long eyelashes and I inherited them! #lucky)

Are you going to have another baby?

I think it’s so odd that perfect strangers ask me this almost every time I write a blog post. While I’m pretty out in the open with almost everything, this is one of those things that I choose to keep private. While Mark and I absolutely plan on adding to our family, the when and how will just have to be a surprise!

What advice do you have for a fast-food/junk food addict looking to get healthier?

Take it one step at a time. If you’re eating fast food for 2 meals a day, try only eating fast-food for 1 meal and replace the other meal with a healthier to-go option. (Most grocery stores offer salad bars, try an open-faces sub sandwich with tons of veggies, soup and a salad, etc). Try this for a week (or even 2 if you’ve been doing the 2-a-day drive-thru for a long time) then progress to no fast food meals.

Another easy option, carry a bottle of water with you and sip it when you feel the need to unnecccsarily  snack or head to the drive-thru.

What does Mark do for a living?

He’s the marketing director at a local insurance firm.



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