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Tuesday Things: Sally, My Class, and Some Thoughts

October 1, 2013


My quads are sore. Like really sore.

Maybe you’re more “with it” than I am, but apparently there’s this new cool back squatting game sweeping the nation. I partook last night at GO HQ and I must say it was thrilling and painful all at the same time. Kind of like childbirth???

First, there’s the song. The only lyrics are “bring Sally up” and “bring Sally down.” You can probably piece it together from here, but when told, via the song, you bring Sally up-stand up, and bring Sally down– go down into your squat with a weighted barbell on your back. There are several points in the song inwhich you don’t bring Sally up for a solid few seconds. You pretty much want to die in those moments…then you stand up and all is right in the world again. The prescribed weights for the barbell in this exercise is 95 lbs. for women and 135 lbs. for men. You are crazy, whoever you are that designated those weights!!!

To give you a good visual, here’s a Youtube video of a class doing it. You will get the point after about 20 seconds.

In other news…I have an amazing group of ladies who I start training on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30-6:30pm (tomorrow night is out first workout together!). They already make me laugh like crazy so I know this is going to be a fun bunch. If you’re in the St. Augustine area and interested in joining us, please email me! (Check out my “About Me” page for my email address!)

The remainder of this post is totally unrelated to all the other things in this post, but I’m going to put it all out there:

  • I’m pretty sure that last night’s dinner may be a new 2x per week staple at our house. PaleOMG’s Easy Chicken Bowl. If you add juicy pieces of chicken, pan-fried in bacon grease, on top of a halved, baked sweet potato and top it with crispy bacon pieces, you’d eat it all the time too. Um, well now you can. Click here to get the recipe >>> Easy Chicken Bowl Recipe I pre-cooked the chicken ahead of time (to save time) and bought microwaveable sweet potatoes. So I think it took me about 12 minutes to make dinner last night. I served our bowls of bacon-y deliciousness on top of about 2 cups of spinach (in order to get some greens in) and some of the bacon grease dripped down from the bacon and chicken and onto the spinach…shut the front door, it was incredible.

    Sally: best chicken bowl ever

    Yup, that was dinner last night

  • I’m sorry to all 4 of my friends with government jobs. I feel for ya…please let me know if you want to come over and eat chicken bowls and watch Bravo. I promise both of these make everything better.
  • This ecard made me laugh a lot…Sally: fall ecard
  • Publix is not a friendly place. The employees are great, it’s the bitter, sad, angry, irritable people shopping there that are driving me bananas. In the last 2 weeks alone, I have encountered some of the strangest, most rude behavior that I have ever witnessed. Get it together people!!
  • Mark and I are officially 1 month away from being debt free! While it has been great for our financial well-being, it has also been REALLY great for our marriage- who knew? We had to team up, each get rid of terrible spending habits, give each other lots of grace and forgiveness for spending slip-ups, and be very accountable to each other. It’s a neat feeling to work hard with your spouse to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. High-five to Team Bailey!

Do something fun today…and tell me all about it!



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