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UPDATE: My Rewarding Life Decision

June 14, 2013

HEY! Remember this post about my vague life decision that is amazing and wonderful!? Well, I’m finally ready to spill the beans…

In my Rewarding Life Decision post, I spoke of the hedgehog that I made during my time at lululemon.

Ta-dahhhhh: (haha, that’s back when I was Amy C.!)


Yup, that’s the one where I feel the exact same (from 6 years ago!) about every circle, yet don’t really don’t do anything that relates to any of them.

Well, I found this hedgehog paper in one of our old moving boxes and, in that moment, I just sort-of realized that life’s too short to not to be doing anything on it. I wish I had something more profound or an event that I could pinpoint leading me to make a life change, but I don’t. I just needed a change; a long-term change that was fulfilling, outside of my comfort zone, and life-giving.

Fast forward to now and I’ve decided that I’m going to be a personal (or group!) trainer! I’m currently enrolled in The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer program and plan to be fully certified by August. Then, in September I will be enrolling in Precision Nutrition‘s nutrition program. I’ve already read through the entire textbook for the course along with several books that complement the teachings in the course– and I’m in love. Like real, passionate love with learning about nutrition. So, based on this love for nutrition, I plan to also give some professional nutrition guidance as well.

Some of you may know that I currently work for the nonprofit, Young Life. I love the organization and people, have great job security, great benefits, and a steady paycheck. It has been an extremely hard, thought-over, prayed-about decision but I am going to be very gradually transitioning out of Young Life work and into my trainer job.

So yeah…holy moly. I’m just going for it.

I equate the way I feel to zip-lining:

I’m super high up in the trees hooked to a line. I feel a little scared and a little excited because I can see the beautiful view from where I am, yet can’t imagine jumping off my safe zipline platform. I do know, though, that to get where I want to be that I’m eventually going to have to jump. Then, out of nowhere, the zipline instructor throws me off the platform and I get a rush of butterflies and start to laugh because jumping off was SO WORTH IT!

I’m in that relieved, happy, butterfly-kind-of-nervous feeling now.

I feel humbled to even have the opportunity to change my career in a way that fulfills me, makes me happy and isn’t based around money or what’s-going-to-get-me-ahead-the-most. There have been a handful of people around me who have been incredibly supportive and encouraging through my process and for all of you, I am overwhelmingly grateful!

Even though I’ve still got lots of things to figure out, doing something big for myself the right way (no burning bridges!) and for the right reasons has made my heart feel grateful, humble, and completely at peace…this kind of peace:


Enjoy your day…no seriously, ENJOY IT! 🙂 🙂


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