Skin Care

My (updated) Daily Routine for Glowing Skin

February 17, 2017

Before talking skincare, I wanted to share a couple of good deals with you guys! It’s really awesome that so many companies are coming out with athletic wear and/or an athleisure lines. Most recently, I’ve been loving Gap Fit and Express’ athletic line. I’ve been looking for some fun new sports bras and some strappy tanks so you better believe that I will be taking advantage of both site’s 40% sales

Moving on to skin…

Almost exactly 2 years ago, I did a post about my all natural skin care routine and another one about products that I used to use. Since having Hudson, I have had to change things up a bit with my skincare. My skin is a lot drier than it used to be and it is more prone to breakouts along my hairline and I’m pretty sure it all has to do with my hormones shifting all over the place over the last 18 months.

One of the things that has continuously worked for me is taking a collagen supplement every day. I buy a powder and mix it in my coffee as well as my smoothies. As far as elasticity and suppleness to my skin, nothing has ever worked so well! (Lately I have been using Great Lakes Gelatin.)

The other daily stuff is so easy and only involves 2 products…and a third that I use twice per week. Ch-ch-check it out: (Watch the video on full-screen mode!)


…it totally bothers me in the video that I call it a “mud mask.” It’s a charcoal mask!!

Here are the exact products that I use:

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil: $14

Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil: $10

Beauty counter Charcoal Mask: $45

Mask Brush: $2


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