This Is What My Week of Clean Eating Looks Like

April 20, 2016

Mark and I randomly do 2ish week re-sets when we have been overindulging a little too often and need to get back on track. For that reason, we have been keeping our meals super clean for the last week and a half. We’ve focused on lots (and lots and lots) of vegetables, a little less meat and a lot less sugar. Because I’m breastfeeding, I still try to keep a steady carbohydrate intake throughout the day (yay sweet potatoes!) and I still consume roughly 60-70% of my calories in fat (coconut milk, avocado, nuts, etc.)

Because I often get asked about what I eat, here are some snippets of my glamorous clean-eating life:

Sort-of chicken salad. Basically I shredded 3 chicken breasts, chopped some celery and onion, and mixed it all in with this homemade non-mayonnaise. Mark and I eat it in wraps and on top of greens. I don’t care for traditional chicken salad but needed an easy and satisfying lunch item to get us through the week. This totally did that– and was delicious! week of clean eatingBreakfast for dinner (and not pictured–for whatever reason– was a super green smoothie)week of clean eating

Warm Kale Salad: We had SO.MUCH.KALE, I absolutely hate wasting food, and I needed something besides green smoothies to get all this kale down our throats….so I put a bunch of things I like in a pan and it turned out amazing (and very, very versatile!). I heated some bacon fat in a pan. I chopped up my kale so that it was really fine, sliced a red onion and threw them both in the pan. Just as the kale was becoming wilted and the onions were becoming slippery, I threw them in a bowl and sprinkled some feta cheese and almonds on top. Before Mark and I ate our salads, I diced up an avocado and tossed it on top as well. Mark and I gobbled up almost a pound of kale and could have still eaten more…this recipe will definitely be on heavy rotation at our house!week of clean eatingGrilled Chicken Asian Salad: Publix sells these nifty, pre-made salads. I’m in love with the Asian one. I’ve never liked cabbage in my whole life and I’ve probably eaten my bodyweight in cabbage since discovering this salad. It’s so, so, so good. Cabbage, carrots, cilantro, sesame seeds, crunchy strips, and sesame dressing. I eat it alone or, like in the case of last week, piled high with diced, grilled chicken and avocado. I truly could eat this every single day.week of clean eatingPan-Roasted Sweet Potatoes: This is my go-to pre-workout snack. I love this as a snack because they totally satisfy my late afternoon sugar craving, give me the energy I need to power through a tough workout, and they’re delicious and nutritious. I eat roughly 1/2 a cup and drizzle about 1 or 2 Tablespoons of almond butter on top.week of clean eatingAlmost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie: Some nights I’m working at the gym until 8pm. Therefore I need something easy and delicious to pop in the oven without a bunch of work …this is, hands down, always my go-to. I know the recipe by heart, make it ahead of time… and Mark is always really excited when he sees it on our meal plan!week of clean eating

Got any good, clean recipes that I should try?!! Please share them with me! I love learning and loving new food combinations! 



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