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Weekend Pics & Some Things I’m Loving Lately

May 26, 2015

Man…I needed a 3-day weekend. It was an absolutely perfect mix of productivity, family and friend time and down time. I’m so refreshed and ready for a big, new week!


I coached Fit Camp on Saturday morning! It was such a fun group!


Saturday night wedding fun!


Getting dressed up and going dancing with Mark is one of my favorite things in the world!


Along with church, laundry, and some cleaning, I spent Sunday starting to put together a chest of drawers that I’m refinishing and painting–blog post to come all about this!


Sunday night was spent making homemade pizza and catching up with some sweet friends. I love having a cozy home to hang out in!


Monday (Memorial Day) morning was spent at our town’s Memorial Day Service. I love this picture of Mark’s cute grandparents.



In addition to the Memorial Day Service, Mark completed the extremely grueling “Murph” workout in honor of a Navy Seal and 3 of his 4 men who died fighting for our country. Post-workout, with sore muscles and needing a little treat, Mark was extremely eager to head to our favorite food truck, Crave, for smoothies.

Switching gears…

I haven’t done this in a while, so I figured I’m long overdo to share some things I’ve been loving lately:

1) These cheeky greeting cards on Etsy

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.54.02 PM

2) Thrive Market:

“Thrive is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices and to sponsor free Thrive memberships for low-income American families.”  <<<Click this link for a free 2 month membership and $10 off your first order! 

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.14.11 PM

3) Vital Proteins Collagen

I truly believe the amount of collagen I consume is the reason I do not have any new pregnancy stretch marks (I already have stretch marks from a growth spurt during my teenage years!). I’ve written numerous times about this stuff. But seriously, read up on it and buy some. Pregnant or not, your bones and skin will thank you.

4) 24 Pro Hacks to Help Anyone Start Working Out in the Morning

5) Snoogle:

As my stomach gets larger, my hips and low back are always sore. Plus, when I’m not pregnant, I’m a stomach sleeper so I find it even tougher to get comfortable on my sides…until my Snoogle. It’s large and obnoxious. It looks like an extra large stuffed snake and makes it hard to snuggle with your husband…but it’s a lifesaver. Many thanks to my pregnant or once-pregnant friends for the recommendation. You guys were all SO RIGHT! This thing is the only reason I get sleep these days!

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.33.44 PM



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