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August 19, 2013

Hi friends! Welcome to August 19th!

It was such a great weekend for us…food, friends, relaxing, a little work…

On Saturday, Mark apparently craved an egg sandwich after reading my post on Friday and requested a bacon and egg sandwich then topped it with some avocado.


After breakfast we had planned to head outside for a workout, but it started pouring, I mean pouring rain, so we played on our laptops, watched some Netflix, and just layed around waiting for it to pass. It took until about 3 pm for it to pass, so needless to say, we were la-a-a-azy for most of the day. It was nice though.

Later that evening was the big, exciting grand opening of our new gym!

It was so fun to see the community offer so much support and kind words to Brandon and Jessica. This move to the now larger facility has been almost a year in the making so it was cool to see it all come to fruition.


My favorite part of my most parties: the food!


Seriously, the most amazing pizza!


Mark and his uncle Tommy discussing big things, obviously.


This cute, little guy spent about 15 minutes jump roping!


Mark Jr., Brandon, and Mark Sr…and a cool picture of Mark Sr. surfing! 🙂


…more jump roping!


I was loving the new rowing machines and wall decor…looks slick!


That’s Brandon’s universal sign for “Go do burpees over there”


There were some deep conversations happening here…

DSC01309 DSC01317

Sunday was spent doing much of the same, without the party and with lots of laundry added to the mix.

Cheers to a productive day…and an even more productive week!


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