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That Weird, Green Food On My Instagram…

April 21, 2014

Hey friends!

I’m in an Easter candy coma…so much for that 2 week mini sugar detox I did?!

I’ve got to get back on track this week, though, so I gave away all the leftover Easter candy and goodies today. I CAN’T have it sitting around the house–I have zero self-control when it comes to chocolate and jellybeans! 

Speaking of trying to be good, I’ve made a very serious effort to eat some sort of green vegetable in at least 2 meals every day. So far so good. Spinach and kale salads, asparagus and Brussels sprouts are the green vegetables that I eat the most of. Honestly though, as much as I wish it weren’t true, I can not stand cooked spinach. It gets all slimy and has a weird consistency. Ugh, it makes me gag just thinking about it. So, finding ways other than salads to incorporate this nutritious, readily available green has been a challenge….until last week!

Did you see that totally awkward Instagram picture I posted last week??? (Follow me on Instagram HERE!)


I figured out a way to not get the weird, slimy consistency but eat cooked spinach– I put it in the blender!

The above picture is a mixture of eggs and spinach blended in the blender until smooth then scrambled in a pan with a bit of bacon grease. I used about half a bag of spinach with about 3 eggs. Easy, nutritious and a lot more palatable (for me) than just cooking spinach in the pan with eggs.

There you have it folks— mystery solved!

Have an awesome Monday!

P.S. Someone asked me this morning about my commitment to running twice a week! So far, so good– I went on bike rides last week only because my hip was giving me a little trouble and I did not want to irritate it even more, but other than that, I’ve stuck to my guns and gone for a 30 minute run twice per week. I’m even starting to feel results from it– my endurance in my workouts is much better and it’s taking me significantly longer to get as winded as I used to about 10 or 15 minutes into workouts prior to running. I’ve got about 5 more weeks of my running plan! Thanks for keeping me accountable! 🙂 


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