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WellnessFX Results: Round 2

September 16, 2013


I’m tired. Are you tired?

John Fogerty and Mumford & Sons rocked my face off and my feet did a lot of dancing this weekend. Not to mention, I might have sweated out every ounce of fluid my body ever contained. Oh! And I think I’ve been to The Ice Plant every night since Thursday. Yeah, it’s that good.

This weekend was pretty epic.

photo 2mumford photo of the group

Brandon, Amy, and Mark


Four months ago, I started using WellnessFX‘s services. I discussed my first testing and result experience back in this post in May. I still feel the same way about them that I do today: they make the wellness process ultra convenient and informative. If you accidentally skipped a check-up or just need a more cost-effective way to access your body’s well-being. This is it. I also love the physician involvement in WellnessFX. For a small fee, you can talk to an actual doctor and/or nutritionist and ask questions or get advice. The other big thing for me is that the WellnessFX website is incredibly easy to navigate yet extremely comprehensive. Trust me, peeps, you should, at the very least, click around their site. It’s cool!

I wrote last week about going in for a second round of biomarker testing with the company WellnessFX. Well, my results are in!!

(WellnessFX is offering new customers $10 off your purchase. A basic e-Checkup with this discount only costs $19!! <<<< Just click this link and create an account. The discount will automatically be applied!)

Because I went with the “Baseline” package this go-round, there were quite a bit more items being “observed” in my blood. It would take forever to show you each of the results, so I’ll basically summarize everything and point of out some cool stuff:

1) My overall cholesterol went down, my HDL (good cholesterol) went down marginally, my LDL (bad cholesterol) went up marginally , and my triglycerides (fat in my blood) went down significantly:

wellnessfx results

Did you notice how there are 2 dots next to each section? WellnessFX uses that as a measurement to show you how you compare to your last results. For example, here’s what my “Total Cholesterol” section looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.48.23 PM

My “Total Cholesterol” in May was 166, now, in September, it’s 164.

2) My inflammation is super low. I was interested in this part of the test because I’ve been more sore than usual from workouts lately so I was curious to see if inflammation had anything to do with it. The good news–I just need to spend some more time stretching. I’m almost inflammation-free! I really want to keep monitoring my inflammation though-it’s a great way to stay on top of problems that you may not even be aware of!

3) My liver and kidneys are functioning beautifully. Again, I was very interested in this section of the test because I’m always very aware of the amount of toxins and junk I ingest regularly (we all do!). I drink dandelion root tea every day (a natural liver detoxifier), do bentonite detoxes every other month, and do my best to drink a ton of water and stay away from chemical stuff. It has all paid off, I’m “in the green” on everything:

wellnessfx liver heath

wellnessfx kidney health

4) I’ve got a solid balance of the different electrolytes- very good to know considering how much I sweat.

5) My bone health is solid. I’ve got high amounts of calcium and Vitamin D! (Ladies– you should keep an eye on these! Prevent osteoporosis!!!)

6) I’ve still got low MCHC (the amount of hemoglobin in my red blood cells). BUT, it has increased and is on the cusp of being within a normal range:

wellnessfx mchc result

32 is in the “Low Risk” range and I’m at 31.9….

7) My white blood cell counts are all perfectly normal.

All in all, I’m extremely satisfied with where I’m at based on this round of bio-marker testing. I HIGHLY recommend the “Baseline” testing for anyone looking for a very comprehensive overview of the major biomarkers and organ systems in the body.

I am still happy to report that by switching to grass-fed and cage free protein sources along with only eating ultra high-quality fats, my 55% daily fat intake has only positively affected my body….thank you for proving this, WellnessFX! Bring on the bacon!

Have a happy Monday…and again…here’s a $10 discount for your first WellnessFX purchase: WellnessFX coupon

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any specific questions!



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