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What You Must Buy, Watch, & Listen To…& An Ab/Glute/Leg Workout

January 22, 2014

Hello, hello!

Are you still on track with your goals and resolutions? I read an interesting article recently that, statistically speaking, 90% of people who made New Year’s Resolutions or goals stop pursuing them by January 17th. It’s the 22nd…keep on truckin’, folks!

I was perusing some blogs the other day and loved a recent post that A Foodie Stays Fit writes somewhat frequently: something you must buy, watch and listen to. 

For what it’s worth, here are mine:

Something you must buy:

While I wanted to say “a guinea pig” in this section, I realized that most people would just move on to the next section and not read anything I had to say….so what I really think you should buy is a foam roller. I can’t stress enough how beneficial foam rolling is for you, especially after a tough workout!

something to buy: foam roller

I love what Joe Hashey said to Men’s Health magazine about foam rolling:

Foam rolling smooths and lengthens your muscles, and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue. Another benefit is that it helps your muscles relax by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibers to your tendons. The net effect is better blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance.

Check out this video for 5 basic foam rolling exercises!

Something you must watch:

Season 9 of The Office. Mark and I have watched an episode (sometimes 2) before bed each night. After about 2 seasons of feeling that The Office was going downhill, this final season of the show is very refreshingly hilarious!

something to watch: The Office Season 9

Something you must listen to:

Books on tape. Specifically through I am not a paid endorser for them, but seriously, I love this company a bunch. If you’re in your car a lot or like to listen to something while you’re doing stuff around the house, I highly suggest listening to a good book. Some of my favorite listens to date: Crazy Love by Francis Chan, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris.

something you must listen to

And, since I haven’t shared many of my workouts with you lately, I leave you with a lower-body burner. I wasn’t feeling so great the other day but didn’t want to get off track with my workouts, so I did this at home in my living room:

(AMRAP: as many rounds as possible)

buy, watch, listen

Have you danced today?! If not, you should, it burns calories and you can’t help but be happy when you do it.

Cheers to Wednesday!


P.S. I CAN’T BELIEVE I’m going to be doing this!!!!! I’m SO excited/scared/intimidated/antsy/happy!

P.P.S. I can’t stress to you enough, to get your blood analyzed through WellnessFX. For only $39 you can get a basic overview of your lipid panel, thyroid and blood sugar, red & white blood cell count, plus much more. The scale, body fat measurements, and strength tests only tell you about what’s going on outside your body— this is how to check on the inside!

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