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A Whole Lotta Food…and Exam Results

February 13, 2014

If you’ve read along in my blog at all, then you know the only things that I’ve done for the last week and a half are working and studying…and eating. Apparently I’ve been eating a lot. When I pulled up the camera roll on my phone, it was all food:

Lettuce-Wrapped Turkey Sandwich (with guacamole on the inside!) and cinnamon applesfood and exam results

A cup of bone broth (to keep my immune system strong!)food

A hearty roast (that’s garlic poked into the top of the meat!)

foodMy new favorite yogurt: grass-fed yogurt from Dreaming Cow. This flavor is incredible!! (It’s dairy, but doesn’t make me feel all sick like most yogurt does)foodChocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein BallsfoodBaked chicken thighs, garlic mashed cauliflower, saladfoodMy go-to early morning breakfast at the gym: Coconut/Banana Chia “Pudding” and a warm cup of lemon water (read why I drink this here!) food

Speaking of food…. 


For those who would like to know: I am now certified in nutrition!!! I passed!!!photo 1[2]

This is not only passing an exam for me though! I’ve achieved all of my biggest career/personal goals: Become ACSM certified as a fitness trainer, become Precision Nutrition certified as a nutrition coach, and get a job in the fitness/nutrition field.

Since I became serious about goal-setting about 3 years ago, these are my biggest and proudest achievements to date. Even though I definitely had days where I just didn’t want to do any of it anymore (like when everyone was out doing fun things this summer and I spent a lot of it inside studying the mechanics of a proper squat and everything you need to know about body levers….), I’m SO glad that I followed through. I LOVE my fitness job; it’s definitely what I should be doing– everything about it gives me life! 

To celebrate my nutrition achievement and just being happy in general, Mark and I ate a lot of bacon with dinner last night…Oh, you don’t celebrate happy occasions with bacon…that’s weird. 😉food

Thanks for all the “good lucks” this week! I like to surprise supportive people with baked goods…so I owe a lot of muffins, cookies, brownies, breads, and cakes. 🙂

Have an incredible day…and don’t forget: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I LOVE LOVE!!!


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