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August 2, 2013

I read things I shouldn’t.

For example, I read an article last night about how if the air temperature outside is above 90 degrees, then it is harmful for you to work out outside. If the air (and in my case, the humidity) is so high that they essentially match your body temperature, your body gets overheated very easily because there is no way for it to cool itself down. I had planned to do an outdoor workout and then go on a long walk when I got off work today, but I got some anxiety and decided to go inside for a gym workout instead. Here’s what I’ve got planned:


This weekend looks busy but great!

I am:

-studying, studying, studying

-baking Butternut White Choc. Bars

-going to dinner with some friends

-going to an-almost-4-year-old’s birthday party

-helping my friend move his business into a larger space

-doing the normal weekend stuff: prepping food, laundry, cleaning, going to church

Totally unrelated—-In lieu of writing my posts each week, I am always clicking around the ‘net. While I don’t always write about everything that I find, I’m always excited to share interesting or funny stuff with anyone who’s interested. Here’s some of the stuff I found this week:

The Five Most Ridiculous Pieces of Exercise Equipment Ever

What Are Safe Cooking Fats & Oils?

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body <–I absolutely LOVE this one!

Have a fun, safe, amazing weekend!


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